One Quick Design Tip: Leave Your Sheepskin Rugs Out In The Sun

Quick design tip: leave your faux sheepskin rugs outside to make them  look more realSo here’s some weird advice, but I promise it works: if you have any of those Ikea (or other big boxy) faux sheepskins for $19.95 laying around your joint, and they are looking just a *smidge* too perfect, leave them out in the sun for a couple of days! This sort of “cures” the sheepskin so they look all rough and tumbled and well…more real.

Depending on where you live, I find that usually 2 or 3 days does the trick, though if you want to you can certainly leave them out longer. Check on them often and adjust according to how rough you like em’ looking.

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How To Mix Art: 6 Designer Tricks You Need To Know

how to mix artWhether you’re looking to create a gallery wall, or simply to cover up that hole you punched after watching the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise, getting good at mixing art needs to be tops on your todo list. And trust me: all it takes is a little bit of practice.

What goes with what? Can you mix photography with drawings? Is buffalo art an official genre? I want to answer all these questions and more by giving you the MOST IMPORTANT designer tricks you need for figuring out how the hell to mix art on your own walls. Well, at least six of them.

*I tapped for all the beautiful pieces of artwork in this post. 


9 Essentials You Should Never Go To The Flea Market Without

Flea Market Essentials

Truth time: I take flea market-ing pretty damn seriously. And if you want to be the flea market ninja that I know you were born to be, then you need to get your head in the game too.

That means that you can’t just roll outta bed, grab a tote, and hit the road for the flea without any prep work. No. Siree. Justin Bobby.

So lean into your retina display, put on some slow jams, and keep reading to get the inside scoop on the 9 things you never, ever, ever want to go to a flea market without. Like ever again.


How To Keep Your White Floors Clean: The Essential Guide

how to keep white floors cleanI know that the #whitefloor club may be small in number, but we’re BIG in attitude. Also, having white floors in your home tells me three main things about you:

+ You’re a major badass.
+ You are comfortable ignoring other people’s advice
+ You like to “go big or go home.”

Lucky for you, going home means that you’re always greeted with your sexy, chic, gleaming (or matte! no judgment!)  white floors, and so yeah: you win.

But as a newbie white floor-er, I remember distinctly that I had no earthly clue how in the hell I was supposed to clean those mofos. And after googling my face off, the most common advice out there was “DON’T DO WHITE FLOORS EVERRRRR,” which, of course, was mostly delivered by people who didn’t have white floors, didn’t know how to care for white floors, and wouldn’t be granted membership in to the #whitefloor club even if they hired a plane to write “White floors rule…I’m so sorry I was an asshole” in the sky above my house. All I wanted to know was: how do I keep my white floors clean? [WHITE JUST FEELS RIGHT]

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