how to clean sheepskin rugs

How To Clean Sheepskin Rugs

It never really occurred to me that I would need to clean sheepskin rugs or pelts, but I’m an idiot. Cause I need to clean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N -G, always, because my dog is an Olympic level athlete at producing drool, and shaking his Basset-y, skin folds everywhere head which then gets all over the place. Including on my sheepskins.

So lo and behold, I needed to figure this ish out. Continue Reading


One Quick Design Tip: Store Your Toilet Paper in a Vase quick tip

Roll em’ up…right the hell into a vase

We all know how GALACTICALLY annoying it is to be in someone else’s bathroom and run out of toilet paper, amirite? Well this design tip will:

  • ensure that that never happens to anyone again in your own house
  • help you keep your TP lookin stylin’ and profilin’

Here’s what you need to do: take as many rolls of toilet paper as you can fit, and shove them into a big old vase!

I use a low, fat round one and can easily fit in 7 or 8 rolls. I have the vase sitting next to the toilet, and now no one in the history of ever has ever been stuck in my bathroom without a fresh roll. You can also use a taller vase, and just stack up the rolls, rather than dumping them in haphazardly like me. Really any old shape will do as long as it’s big and has a wide mouth. You can get super duper cheap large vases at Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. My giant fat glass bowl was $9.99. #winning


3 Crucial Things To Do Before Having A Photo Shoot In Your Space

original image via: Nicole Cohen for Domaine Home

image via: Nicole Cohen for Domaine Home

Well, fancy you! Someone wants to take pretty pictures in your pretty house.

Maybe you’re going to be featured in an online mag. Or maybe you are selling your house. Or maybe you just want to take pics of your house and then hang them up on your living room walls, and be really weird and meta.


However, before you start snapping pics, there are a few things you need to do before the magic goes down. Continue Reading