9 Abstract Artists You Need To Know About

9 abstract artists you should know about

While I love all types of art, I’ve got a special love for abstract art. If you’re unsure what your taste is in art, or are still fine-tuning it, I highly suggest you check out some of these amazing abstract artists.

Abstract art rocks so hard because it’s shockingly flexible. If you are looking for something to really pull a room together, abstract art is oftentimes your ticket to nirvana.

Check out some of my favorite artists over on the HGTV DESIGN HAPPENS BLOG.
And if you are looking for more scoop on how to mix art, I break it down for you big time HERE.

Have A Big Empty Space On Your Wall? These 7 DIY Art Projects Are What You Need

7 Big Art DIY ideas to fill that big empty space on your wallsI have a few questions for you:

1. Are you a human being?
2. Do you live somewhere?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, I’m guessing this mysterious “somewhere” place you live has at least one giant empty space on your wall that needs to be filled.

Ok, but DO. NOT. PANIC.

I have 7 badass easy DIY art tutorials that you can go do right now to make sure your space goes from bare to OH YEAH-RRRR.

Read my post over on the HGTV DESIGN HAPPENS BLOG.

This App Will Rock Your World: Pocket

Download pocket and easily save all of the great blog posts and articles you come across online to read later. You know how your mom would tell you to do something when you were five, and you’d obnoxiously spit back “BUT WHYYYYY.” And then she’d say “cause I told you so!” and then you’d roll your eyes so hard and just storm off in a huff? Well samsies…right now.

Cause you need to just listen to me and not ask questions and just go download pocket right now (and add it to your browser too).  [CLICK FOR INFO ON THE APP THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE]

10 Must Follow Interior Designers on Instagram

interior Designers To Follow on InstagramLet me guess: you are looking for the 10 coolest, most fab, most talented, inspiring interior designers to follow on Instagram? OHMYGOD, that works out so well, cause I just made a list of them! Read my post over on HGTV DESIGN HAPPENS BLOG to get all the inside scoop.

Also, whoa: I’m blogging for HGTV now! You can ready my stuff there every Thursday, so go there every Thursday, and also every day in between cause you should be reading their blog every day along with mine. And whoa, HGTV. Oh wait. I said that already.

One Quick Design Tip: Leave Your Sheepskin Rugs Out In The Sun

Quick design tip: leave your faux sheepskin rugs outside to make them  look more realSo here’s some weird advice, but I promise it works: if you have any of those Ikea (or other big boxy) faux sheepskins for $19.95 laying around your joint, and they are looking just a *smidge* too perfect, leave them out in the sun for a couple of days! This sort of “cures” the sheepskin so they look all rough and tumbled and well…more real.

Depending on where you live, I find that usually 2 or 3 days does the trick, though if you want to you can certainly leave them out longer. Check on them often and adjust according to how rough you like em’ looking.

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