The Top 3 Things To Do When A Space You’ve Designed Gets Featured on Domaine

Interior Designer Erica Reitman featured on Domaine Home

photo by Nicole Cohen for Domaine Home

Oh, you know: a space I designed was featured on Domaine Home today in a fab article with a bunch of gorgeous photos shot by my blog bestie Nicole from Sketch42 Blog. NO BIGS.




So here are the top 3 things you I think you should do if this shit ever happens to you:

1. Jump up and down and  scream

2. Tell everyone you know across all social media networks. Yes, even Vine, Snapchat and Ello…it’s go big, or go home, ppl.

3. Dance like this:

paul rudd dancing

Go read it if you want. Just kidding…I don’t care if you want to or not: YOU MUST GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.



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