Oh, hi.

I’m an interior designer who would love to help you make your home look bangin’ and kickass, so CLICK HERE, reach out and let’s work together. I’m currently accepting design clients in the Los Angeles area, as well as online. I will kick your house’s ass…really.

My love of interior design, flea markets and all things vintage began at an early age when I started attending estate auctions with my parents in upstate NY. After an unfortunate obsession with the color purple (the color, not the movie) when I was 14 that resulted in every surface of my bedroom being covered in purrrrrrrrple, I decided to devote myself to the study of designing awesome spaces. Vintage decor is my jam, and so I’ve developed Sherlock Holmes-like skills to uncover the best vintage bargains, the most off-the-radar thrift shops, and the estate sales that will make you weep with joy. Just me? You don’t weep at estate sales?


My specialty is taking spaces from whoa to Wow. This Brooklyn Co-Op looked like Granny Flo was getting ready for a rollicking night of mahjong with her super senior friends in 1987 before I got my mitts on it. With very minimal expense and work (this is really just a few coats of paint, ppl), I started over and turned it into a bright, chic, va va voom space. Time Out NY loved it so much they included it as the lead feature in their yearly design issue.

Erica Reitman Interior Design

Bottom image via William Brinson. Top image via an insane real estate who thought that this pic would be a good one to post.

This is the sort of crazy good stuff I can do in your space too.

For the record I’m addicted to:
+ Flea markets
+ Bad reality TV
+ Good reality TV
+ All other TV
+ Ridiculously expensive international design magazines
+ Movie theater popcorn drenched in butter
+ Pinterest
+ Diet Coke
+ Voluspa candles (Goji Tarocco Orange is my current fave)
+ And most of all, helping people figure out how to make their homes feel more like “them.” Uh, “you.” Can someone help me with the best pronoun here?

I live in Los Angeles, CA with my HUSBAND GREG and our 13-year-old Basset Hound Oliver. My projects (and writing) have been featured in: ElleDecor.com, HGTV.com, HouseBeautiful.com, House of Brinson, Brick Underground and many more spots. Check out my weekly column on HGTV’s Design Happens Blog.